Kouzes And Posner Leadership Challenge Research Paper

Course Project – Part 1 Take the Leadership Challenge! (Attached)

Your task is to address each item below. This is to get you start on the journey to completing your personal leadership philosophy/statement. Address each question under the five major categories of the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Challenge (there is a PPT for you to review for more information if you wish). I want you to really think about each bullet point and write down your thoughts and feelings.

1. Please copy and paste these questions into the Discussion Question Template. 2. There are TWO pages of questions; do not miss the 2nd page. 3. You can answer in bullet points or written paragraph. As along as I can read it and it is professionally presented, answer in a way that allows you to full reflect. 4. Ask questions if you have them. 5. 25 Points


– List risk-taking things you’ve done at work or in play (sports, mountain climbing, or anything you were afraid to do, but did anyway?)  Is risk taking encouraged or discouraged in the company you work for? Give concrete examples.

– Brainstorm and list ways you can create and atmosphere where change, risk taking, and innovation are encouraged at your company or in your life.


– Identify several times when you have identified problems that hindered you or your co-workers or employees from accomplishing their job? This could include family and friends.

– What did you do to make it easier for them or you? Describe how you removed the barriers, or at least made them less of a barrier.


– Briefly describe one situation where you were manage a group of people (formally at work or informally as in coaching or leading a team, etc.). Identify when and how you gave decision-making to the group rather than do it yourself.

– Discuss how you did improve their job skills, and now that you think more about it, what else could you have done to improve their skills and decision making.


Complete the following scenario: Five years from now, you are nominated as one of the outstanding leaders in your profession. You are at the White House receiving your award. In a three minute speech, tell the audience why you won, and what you did that made you such an outstanding leader.

– First, describe what you are wearing to accept your award and give your speech.

– Write your three minute acceptance speech (this does need to be written out, no bullets here).


-Write down a number of instances in your various jobs when you have had the most fun, did something innovative, wonderful, caring, unique, difficult, or unselfish.

– List things that employees don’t get rewarded for now in your company, but if they did it would make their work life more enjoyable.

– What kind of rewards could you give them?


Stories and language: in every organization there are stories that are told that help people understand “how things really work, or don’t work around here.” Stores provide concrete advice and guidelines about how things are really done and about what to expect in the organization.

– Write one story you’ve heard and told to a new comer, or was told to you when you started work at your current job.

– What are these stories saying about your company?