Laws in Antiquity Assignment

This should be a 5-7 page essay that demands solid writing based on good historical research (3-5 sources would be best if you go beyond the class notes and the book). All citations must be done in the Chicago Style Guide, the citation type for History as a discipline (review in Historical Methods Module). You SHOULD include a list of any sources on a separate page (that page is NOT part of the 4-6 pages). You may, however, answer this essay FULLY from our class notes, in which case you do not need a Bibliography. A cover page is NOT required. This assessment MUST be typed (11 or 12 point font; Times or Calibri is best), 1.5 spacing and possess good grammar, spelling, and a clear, organized thought-process. Failure to turn in the assessment on the scheduled date will result in a 10-point drop per day late, up to three days in total. After three days you will receive a 0.

Assignment Prompt

In the last decade of the 500s BC, two new governmental ideas arose—one on the Italian peninsula and one on the Attica peninsula near the Aegean Sea: Republic and Democracy. Of course, they were not the first peoples to have laws. Your first unit assessment will focus on this issue of law and how, in the 500s, these two governing styles emerged in antiquity using the following outline:

–explain the context in the ancient world in this time: what are the other civic entity government structures in antiquity (some examples would be good here, showing your understanding of governing life in some of the societies that we have studied, but don’t get stuck here or go too deep). Explain why it matters to have laws and what the issues would be for society to have no laws, or not have the laws written down. After the introduction, this should be roughly 2 pages

–explain the critical steps that it took in both cities to achieve what was created. Further, describe the final structure of government that each city developed (how did they govern? What offices were in place?). This is the meat of the essay, and would easily be 3-4 pages; ensure you give both cities proper due.

–finally, make an assessment on which, if either, would be a better form of government in today’s world. This should be roughly 1-2 pages; bring in examples from the history from either style, or perhaps a combination of your own creation, to sustain your determination.