Law`s of the workplace

Not a day goes by without a news story on an issue affecting the workplace. Examples range from the termination of a high-profile executive to the passing of new legislation.  For this assignment, students are required to work in teams to develop a short presentation analyzing a current event relevant to employment law.  The objective of this presentation is to demonstrate an understanding of the course content as well as an ability to apply this knowledge to the analysis of a current event.The article, which can be sourced in a newspaper, business report, business magazine, or authoritative website must pertain to one or more topics covered in the second half of the class, after the midterm test. In a maximum of ten minutes, students are required to:Summarize the article (include all necessary background information);Identify, discuss and analyze the main issue covered in the article, making links to all relevant secondary issues and concepts; andComment on the actions taken by the parties (e.g., the employer, the employee, government, etc.).Presentations should be supported by some form of a visual aid (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint slides or a poster board display) and should have a proper introduction and conclusion.Teams must contact the professor by the end of week two to confirm the appropriateness of your topic selection.Teams are required to complete, sign, and return to the professor a team contract, maintain a team log, and submit peer evaluations at the time of the presentation.Students whose choice of issues demonstrates creativity and a deep understanding of the selected topic will score well. See the scoring rubric for further information on how this presentation will be marked.