This week’s readings introduced transformational and transactional leadership.Write a 500 word essay in which you describe and define transformational and transactional leadership.  Be sure to explain the types of behaviors associated with each type of leadership.   Think of a leader you know OR think back to the case of Michelle Rhee and DC schools. Would you describe them as transactional, transformational, or some of both?  Please use three examples to provide evidence for your argument.Address the following in your paper:Define transformational and transactional leadership.Describe the behaviors associated with transformational and transactional leadership.Analyze the actions of a leader you know (or Michelle Rhee) and provide three examples of his or her behavior to make the case for whether they are transformational, transactional, or both.Format your paper and references according to APA guidelines. Provide at least two references in APA citation style.  Writing should be clear, well-organized, and contain minimal grammatical errors.