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This assignment will not only help you improve your leadership and communication skills, but it will also prepare you for other critical thinking assignments you will receive in other courses you take at CSU-Global. You will also get the opportunity to practice the practical skills discussed in this week’s lecture. Research the topic of leadership and communication. Next, review and analyze the below scenario. Finally, write a paper that addresses these two questions: What communication strategies are associated with effective leadership? What does Williams need to do differently to communicate effectively as a leader? Ben Williams is the CEO of a public relations firm. He has four direct reports who are in charge of different components of his firm including operations, human resources, finance, and administrative support. On a semiannual basis, the firm surveys the employees to assess their level of satisfaction with the leadership. Williams has noticed a trend in survey results over the last year. Comments and scores indicate the staff is unhappy with the level of communication from the top down. Williams does not understand why this is an issue. Currently, Williams communicates with staff when there is a problem or if he believes they need to make a change. He does this by telling them exactly what they need to do, but not why they need to do it. Staff often find out about new projects when others have already begun working on them. Williams does not like electronic communications, nor does he believe that meetings are useful. However, as he reviews this trend, he realizes he must change the way he communicates. Requirements: Write a 3-4 page paper analyzing this scenario Include two additional pages for the title and reference page Include all elements listed below in your paper Incorporate information you learned in Module 2, Leadership and Communication Include a minimum of 2 additional references from the CSU-Global Library or the open web Use the APA Template Paper (link below), which is formatted for you in the style you will use for all of your assignments at CSU-Global. Simply replace the informational placeholders with your own information. Write directly into this template and save it as your own paper. To see exactly what a paper looks like when the APA Template Paper is used, review the sample paper (link below). Your paper should be very similar to this one in format. Title Page Simply replace the information placeholders for this page as you see them in the APA Template and sample paper. Introduction This section is where you include your thesis statement. Follow the instructions on Writing an Effective Essay (one of your required readings this week). Use what you learned in Module 2, Leadership and Communication, to help you. Ask yourself two important questions: Who is the audience, and what is the message? Body of the Paper In this section, answer the two questions: What communication strategies are associated with effective leadership? What does Williams need to do differently to communicate effectively as a leader? If you use sources from the library or open web, be sure to include in-text citations. Conclusion In this section, Restate thesis Summarize main body points Tie in to the introduction to bring the paper full circle References See sample paper and the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements to construct your Reference list. Review the Module 3 Critical Thinking Rubric for full details on how you will be graded on this assignment. Links: Writing an Effective Essay: https://portal.csuglobal.edu/fileman/files/portal/Library/The%20Writing%20Process4.pdf APA Template Paper: https://portal.csuglobal.edu/fileman/files/portal/Library/APA_Template_Paper__6.26.15.doc Sample Paper: https://portal.csuglobal.edu/fileman/files/portal/Library/library-Does-Your-Paper-Look-Like-This-Sample-Paper.pdf CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements: http://csuglobal.libguides.com/apacitations

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