Leadership and decision making Un 2

Review thisEthical Dilemma(https://resources.careered.com/LCMSFileSharePreview/Resources/MSWordDocument/Scenario_A.docx) about Bill and Joe’s relationship.Joe has scheduled a meeting with his management team for next week to talk about the Peninsula Hotel chain contract. He hopes that he will be able to work with them to draft a contract favorable to Peninsula that will ensure its renewal for another year. He is reasonably sure that the contract renewal will ensure his continued success and employment with UWEAR. Bill invites Joe and his family to join them on his yacht for the weekend.Joe is relieved to get the invitation from Bill because their relationship has been strained lately due to the contract negotiations.Joe must decide how he will answer Bill’s invitation to join him and his family on their yacht.Using ethical principles that you have learned thus far to justify your answers, please respond to the following questions:What are some reasons why Joe should turn down the invitation?What are some reasons why Joe could accept the invitation?Does Joe’s relationship with Bill meet the definition of aconflict of interest?4-6 PAGES NEEDED !!!