Leadership and decision making Un 3

The newly merged company JEANSTYLE needs to create a new Mission, Vision, and Values statement for the new company. You have been asked you to work on this project. You will create a document that will establish the foundation for the success of JEANSTYLE. The document will help to support unity in the newly merged company.Review thescenario(https://class.coloradotech.edu/CbFileShareCommon/ctu/INTD670/Assignment_Assets/ProblemB.pdf)for this course, thisarticle(https://www.batonglobal.com/post/how-to-write-mission-vision-and-values-statements-with-examples) on mission vision and values statements, and prepare the following for your assignment:Write a mission statement for the new company.Write a vision statement for the new company.Write a values statement for the new company.How can JEANSTYLE communicate these three statements to its employees to establish unity across the merged organization?4-6 PAGES, APA FORMAT