Leadership Assesment , management homework help


If I were the leader of a work group . . . _____ A F O S N

1. I would most likely act as the spokesperson of the group __N___ A F O S N

2. I would encourage overtime work _S____ A F O S N

3. I would allow members complete freedom in their work __O___ A F O S N

4. I would encourage the use of uniform procedures __N___ A F O S N

5. I would permit the members to use their own judgment in solving problems ___F__ A F O S N

6. I would stress being ahead of competing groups _A____ A F O S N

7. I would speak as representative of the group __N___ A F O S N

8. I would needle members for greater effort __A___ A F O S N

9. I would try out my own ideas in the group __A___ A F O S N

10. I would let members do their work the way they think best _O____ A F O S N

11. I would work hard for a promotion __A___ A F O S N

12. I would be able to tolerate postponement and uncertainty __N___ A F O S N

13. I would speak for the group when visitors were present _S____ A F O S N

14. I would keep the work moving at a rapid pace __A___ A F O S N

15. I would turn the members loose and let them go to it __N___ A F O S N

16. I would settle conflicts when they occur in the group _____ A F O S N

17. I would get swamped by details _F____ A F O S N

18. I would represent the group at outside meetings __N___ A F O S N

19. I would be reluctant to allow the members any freedom of action __O___ A F O S N

20. I would decide what shall be done and how it shall be done __F___ A F O S N

21. I would push for increased production _A____ A F O S N

22. I would let some members have authority that I could keep __F___ A F O S N

23.Things would usually turn out as I predict S__ A F O S N

24. I would allow the group a high degree of initiative ___A__ A F O S N

25. I would assign group members to particular tasks _A____ A F O S N

26. I would be willing to make changes _A____ A F O S N

27. I would ask the members to work harder __A___ A F O S N

28. I would trust the group members to exercise good judgment __A___ A F O S N

29. I would schedule the work to be done __A___ A F O S N

30. I would refuse to explain my actions __N___ A F O S N

31. I would persuade others that my ideas are to their advantage __A___

A F O S N 32. I would permit the group to set its own pace _F____ A F O S N

33. I would urge the group to beat its previous record _A____ A F O S N

34. I would act without consulting the group _N____ A F O S N

35. I would ask the group members to follow standard rules and regulations A

Scoring Key To find your leadership style: 1. Circle the item numbers for items 8, 12, 17, 18, 19, 30, 34, & 35. 2. Write a “1” in front of the circled items to which you responded S (seldom) or N (never). 3. Write a “1” in front of the items not circled to which you responded A (always) or F (frequently). 4. Circle the “1’s” which you have written in front of the following items: 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 18, 19, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, and 35. 5. Count the circled “1’s.” This is your score for concern-for-people. 6. Count the uncircled “1’s.” This is your score for concern-for-task. 7. Refer to the diagram that follows. Find your score for concernfor-task dimension on the left-hand arrow. Next, move to the right-hand arrow and find your score on the concern-for-people dimension. Draw a straight line that intersects the two scores. The point at which that line crosses the shared leadership arrow indicates your score on that dimension. Source: Verma, V. K. (1996). Human Resource