leadership development

Leadership Development(Warehouse setting)Why is good attendance important from the employee and the supervisor’s point of     view?-What is the employee’s responsibility? What is the supervisor’s responsibility?-List practices for employees and supervisor that will minimize time off and the impact of absences.2.     Operational needs, schedules changes, and work demands can and often do change daily-Give examples of such changes, and how you would respond to them.3.      Why is the following statement important to you and the Company: “Supervisors must          maintain and demonstrate the principles and values of the company. They must show compassion, yet make tough decisions all the while demonstrating uncompromising ethics and integrity’.-Describe how your daily actions at work demonstrate these standards, and give an example of making a hard but fair decision on the job that you may need to make as a Supervisor.4.   How do you show a positive attitude toward your fellow employees?-Why is it important to demonstrate respect and dignity for all employees?5.    When is disciplinary action necessary?6.      What does it mean to act professionally?-Why is it important to act in a professional manner with other trades, project, and customer personnel?7.       Define internal and external customers, and state the importance of customer satisfaction.8.       What can you do to improve your work performance and prevent delays caused by various “holdups”?9.       How do you respond to criticism?10.     Describe how you insert quality into your daily assignments.11.     What does it mean to complete assignments on time with a high level of quality?12.      What are the safety goals of the department?-Why are these goals important to you, and what role do you play in achieving those goals?13.     Give examples of potential safety hazards you have eliminated or minimized.14.     What is the importance of Personnel Protective Equipment? (safety glasses, hard hat, still-toe shoes and  ear protectors)15.     How would you evaluate your technical ability?-Describe your strengths and development needs.16.     How important are written and verbal communications skills to a supervisor?-Give examples of when these skills are critical to success.17.      Why do you want to become a supervisor?