leadership essay

Write an essay of 150-200 words answering the following questions.1. (A) Select the country in which you have spent the majority of your time up tonow. Is the type of leadership in that country/culture changing? What is thebasis/ evidence for your answer? (B) Select a large and influential country (interms of the world’s economy) other than the country you name in part A. Is thetype of leadership in you (A) country becoming more or less similar the type ofleadership in the (B) country/culture? Explain your reasoning.This question works best in a class with high ethnic and national diversity.2. Think of a specific leader in your work situation, in a friendship group, on a sportsteam, or in the news. What types of power does he or she appear to use? Howdoes he or she use these different types of power? Would you consider thisperson to be an effective leader? Why or why not?3. Do you think people are born leaders? Are there specific traits that can be seenearly in a person’s life or career that identify that person as leader? Cansomeone without these specific traits go on to become a leader?4. How would you characterize yourself – as a transformational, transactional, orcharismatic leader? Which would you rather be? Can you change your style?5. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Jim Jones, Kenneth Lay (Enron), Bernard Ebbers(WorldCom) – all were “leaders.” Were they effective leaders? Why or why not?6. Think of a leader you have had at work, school, or some other situation. How didyou actions as a follower help or hinder that leader’s effectiveness? What kind ofa relationship did you have with the leader? Did it differ from the relationshipsthe leader had with other members of the group? If there were differentrelationships, did this situation contribute to the group’s effectiveness? Did isseem fair to you?7. Using a specific situation, analyze the contributions of the leader, the followers,and the effectiveness of the leader.