Leadership in Healthcare Organizations

Self-assessment of Communication SkillsIn this assignment, you will develop an understanding of how good listening is crucial to effective communication and career success. In addition, you will perform a personal assessment of your communication skills and style.As a student studying healthcare administration and leadership in healthcare, you should be developing your own personal development plan to include a personal assessment of your communication skills.Listening is an integral part of the communication process. Communication in the healthcare setting is vital. This includes communication between doctors and patients, doctors and nurses, clinicians and administrators, and so on.Based on your learning, create a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document that includes answers to the following questions:Which topic of conversation makes you uncomfortable? What is the topic? Do you know why you find it difficult to talk about this topic?What do you do when you become uncomfortable during a conversation? Do you withdraw? Do you try to change the topic? Do you speak louder or softer? Do you begin to gesticulate?Have you had an occasion to talk to a very persuasive or very aggressive person? If you and this person hold different opinions, can you hold to your position? Are you easily “led” in a conversation?Are you flexible in a conversation? If a comment made by someone takes the conversation in an unexpected direction, can you adjust quickly? Can you assimilate new information, reassess your position, and continue the conversation?When entering into a conversation, do you attempt to eliminate potential distractions and interruptions?Do you consciously avoid having important conversations in high traffic public areas where environmental distractions are likely possible? Why?Do you put your cell phone in the silence mode when you are likely to have conversations? Why?Do you listen without interruption and sufficiently control the conversation to minimize interruption? Why?When engaged in a conversation, do you give your undivided attention to the matters being discussed? Why?When engaged in discussion, do you develop reflective questions pertinent to the conversation? Why?When engaged in discussion, do you make conscious eye contact? Why?When involved in conversations, are you cognizant of body language, both the individual you are conversing with and your own? Why?Do you have an understanding of body language gestures and posturing?In a self-assessment summary, provide a list of your communication strengths and weaknesses. Also, provide a plan to address the weaknesses identified.Click here to download a template that you can use to complete the assignment.Support your responses with examples.Cite any sources in APA format.