Leadership, Power, and Influence in Interagency Relations, law homework help

  • What qualities do you personally prefer in a strong leader, and why do you think these are meritorious. Be specific in your description and rationale.
  • One could argue that a poor leader can ruin even a great plan. Consider and discuss examples of this occurring (the examples can be real or hypothetical).
    • How can other responders help compensate if a weak Interagency like FEMA or Homeland Security leader is in charge of the entire crisis response?
    • What actions might you take personally if you witness, or find yourself on the team of, an ineffective or even potentially dangerous leader?
  • If you were a manager in an organization and were required to assigned one of your team to an Interagency group, what type of person would you try to assign, and why? What advice would you give this person for helping him or her succeed as a member of this group? ANSWER NEEDS TO BE 5 PARAGRAPHS no need to be in essay format