Learning Activities


Below are five questions that are set to challenge your understanding of the control process management function. If your last name begins with A-M answer the questions AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU CHOSE THAT ANSWER. Be sure to reference the class material to prove your selection is correct. If you last name begins with N-Z Grade at least one main post (if you notice over the week that some answers haven’t been graded be sure to grade them so that everyone has peer feedback) and explain how you arrived at your answers. Be sure to reference the class material to prove your selection is correct. Answer each question and explain how you arrived at your answer.

1)  Taking corrective action is required when the process is: 

A. Unpredictable and risky.  

B. a new leadership team is required. 

C. measured and the results don’t meet company standards. 

D. in its early stag 

 2) In measuring ____________, it is useful to evaluate internal operations and core processes against benchmarks such as past performance, industry standards, and legal expectations.

cost effectiveness 

control processes 

best practices 

organizational impact 

3)  ________ define how a business should act, while ________ underline what actions should be taken operationally. 

Strategy; goals 

Standards; objectives 

Controls; management 

Objectives; standards 

  4) Utilizing specific performance metrics, such as ________, organizations can control processes through measuring the relative effectiveness of internal processes. 





  5) Coca-Cola is thinking about entering a new industry, creating their own branch of convenience  stores.  As a result, they should conduct:

internal research of operational efficiency. 

financial objectives research for their R&D department. 

industry process standards research. 

competitor research in soft drinks. 


In this article as well as your reading this week the balanced score card is explained: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/management_concepts/the_balanced_scorecard.htm .

One of the best tools a manager has is a balanced score card.  Remember our bowling alley manager from week 5? Explain how the use of a balance score card could help him to measure and possibly improve his problem. How does the score card approach fit in to the control function of management?  Be specific and attempt to think through the manager’s problem using the scorecard. How can it potentially fix the turn over problem he has in the branch?

(Just so you don’t have to keep going back to week five)

You are the manager of the northern branch of the Laurel City bowling alleys. The owner, Jill Espy, has 4 other bowling alleys around town. The average employee assigned to the concession stand of all the Laurel City bowling alleys lasts 3 years. However, in your branch the average employee lasts only 8 months. Jill is concerned about this huge discrepancy and wants to know your explanation for the difference and what you can do to correct the problem. Training new employees is costly to the company and this high turnover is costing her money that could be better spent elsewhere. 

THEME TWO: Traditionally theorist suggest that the managerial function of controlling should not be confused with control in the behavioral or manipulative sense. This function does not imply that managers should attempt to control or to manipulate the personalities, values, attitudes, or emotions of their employees. Instead, this function of management concerns the manager’s role in taking necessary actions to ensure that the work-related activities of employees are consistent with and contributing toward the accomplishment of organizational and departmental objectives. 

Research the idea of controlling from afar in the virtual organization on the Internet and answer the following question: How can a manager be assured or measure work that is performed when the employee may be 5,000 miles away? 

Don’t forget to include your in-text citations and references in your response. Also, please post your learning activities separately.

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