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Essay needs to be at least 250 words

One day, while Officer Careful is sitting behind his desk, he gets a phone call from a person identifying himself as Snitch, who tells the officer, “Trust me, Batman and Robin are planning to start a huge narcotics smuggling ring. They’ve already imported more than 100 kilos of cocaine and are planning to slowly put them on the street through Drugger, using one of their erstwhile adversaries.”

Officer Careful asks “How do you know this?” Snitch responds, “I saw them unloading the shipment into the Batcave last night.” Snitch then says, “I gotta go” and hangs up. Officer careful eventually tracks down Snitch, who turns out to be named Lloyd Williams. Lloyd claims that he is extremely nervous about being identified as the snitch and so he will NOT sign any affidavits. However, he is willing to be quoted by Careful as long as he is not identified in any court documents.

Please write a letter advising Careful on how to go about obtaining a search warrant to allow him to search for Batman’s narcotics. Will the fact that Careful has no firsthand knowledge prevent him from getting a proper warrant? Why or why not? Also, please explain to him as specifically as possible what his affidavit should say and what the search warrant must say.

You do NOT have to write an IRAC-style for this assignment. However, you should use applicable rules and/or cases to help the reader understand how and why you came to the advice that you gave.