Legal Research Written Assignment help

For this assignment, read the scenario below and write an essay detailing your response.

Scenario – Your supervising attorney asked you to do intake on a “receiving stolen property” charge, and you want to verify what the statute says and what it means.

Using, find and cite the statute in Wisconsin that makes it a criminal offense to receive, possess, or transport stolen property. It may be located in a special section of the code or may be part of a general theft statute section.

Go to AmJur2d and find the article that states the elements of receiving stolen property. Possible searches include: receipt of stolen property, receiving stolen property, or possession and transportation of stolen property.

In a one to two page essay, review the elements of receiving stolen property in AmJur2d and compare them to the statute you found. How do those elements match the statute you found? Which elements are different? Cite your sources and show the statute you found in in a screen shot.

For this assignment you will be exploring the crime of “receiving stolen property. My grade will depend on the extent to which you take the following required steps:

Research the laws in your Wisconsin: Locate the relevant statute in Wisconsin related to receiving stolen property, and identify the “elements” of that criminal statute (that is, what needs to be proved, like the fact that the property was stolen, that it was in the possession of a person who did not have a right to it, etc.).

Research AmJr2d: Find an article in AmJur2d about receiving stolen property that discusses the elements of receiving stolen property. The identified article must address the elements of the crime.

Compare: Compare the elements listed in your state statute and the elements listed in AmJur2d. What is different? What is the same? Does your state include more elements or less?

Note: When searching Wisconsin statutes and AmJur2d, you might look under receipt of stolen property, receiving stolen property, or possession and transportation of stolen property.

Regarding your form, the narrative of your paper should be at least one page in length in APA format (which means double spaced, one inch margins all around, no extra spaces between paragraphs, and standard font like Times Roman 12 or Arial 11). You should have an introduction, middle/discussion, and conclusion, followed by a source list that starts on a new page.