Texting Research Report

After reading/viewing the various positions about whether texting is ruining the grammar of teenagers, write a short essay (minimum 250 words) in which you persuasively argue either for or against the texting-hurts-grammar issue.

Your short essay can be organized however you choose, but should include the following:

Your position on the issue. Do you believe that texting is causing the younger generations to be less proficient in grammar and spelling?

At least one (1) piece of anecdotal evidence. This can be from your own experience or from that of a friend/family member, etc.

At least one (1) piece of empirical evidence. This should be one of the studies cited in the articles and videos you watched. Be sure to explain specifically what the study was about, when it was conducted, how they conducted the study, and what it proved about texting.

At least three (3) statistics about texting. (One example would be David Crystal’s statistic that 80% of texters are adults.)

You must use all the following vocabulary terms somewhere in your response:

code-switching, literacy, techspeak, prescriptivists

Write your short essay in the space below.