LIT1000 FIU The Leap Fiction Interpretation

Select a story or poem from one of the readings from the course schedule. The paper must be typed and double-spaced, conforming to proper MLA manuscript format. You must include evidence and support from at least one academic article.

  • Length: 2 pages minimum
  • You may use sources from the academic databases from the Palm Beach State online library.

Please note there are sample papers on Blackboard, as well as more information about writing a poetry analysis.

Guidelines if Selecting a Poem: An Explication is a detailed analysis of a work of literature, often proceeding word-by-word or line-by-line through the work. For this paper, you will be writing an explication of a poem. You may choose any of the poems we have read or will read for class.

In the explication you will be presenting your “reading” of the poem you have chosen. Such a reading will require you to understand many aspects of the poem and to have a grasp of the meaning of individual parts of the poem in relation to the entire work. You are not, however, striving to be exhaustive in your “explanation” of the poem, but rather you should try to be selective in considering only those details that are significant to your own thematic understanding of the poem.