Literature Review

My literature review will be on “leadership and the outcomes in etihad airways” in general.

I need you to be more specific and talk about leadership in deep not the company. read the instructions and follow the rubric carefully please. All ideas in the literature review should be connected to each other

the points below is the professor’s points that he want to see.

As you know we will start with

A- Introduction: Background in general

-what information is available already ?

– what do we know about this topic?

– What do the experts say?

3 questions that we have to cover that is related to the leadership and its effect on the employees.

B- Body: The fllowing and organizing the inforamtion between each point is very important “linkages” between point 1,2,3 and 4.

the four Themes should cover: And it has to be An EXPERTS opinion NOT mine. dont write I

1-what’s leadership “3 different Academic resources each”

2- role of leadership on the employees “3 different Academic resources

3- Challenges “3 different Academic resources

4- Advantages and disadvantages “3 different Academic resources

-themes should be in the body and you can add sub-headings if needed

– Focus on Main objectives. Linked with the (research topic” question or the statement that is in task 1 + research objectives”.

– (minimum 10 ACADEMIC resources are reviewed here) what’s my small circle “characteristics of leadership “types of leadership, advantages and disadvantages” + how does it effect employees +role of leadership + motivation.

C- Conclusion:

– Summarize the main sources, Tell me what you just told me (key concepts).

look at the actual themes and summery of all finings

“this is my research questions this is my objectives, statements and and this is my themes to investigate about ….etc.

APA format, running head , page number, Academic articles 3-5 years old max.

*IMPORTANT I need the links of EACH source after its paragraph, keep it short and simple and do not use high level words.

we’ll not focus on Etihad airlines as much as we have to mention themes ideas and generate focused points that we will mention in themes.

And remember its about the leadership and its effect on Employees and their PERFORMANCE be specific and focused in our circle.

(Check and follow the rubric and the files uploaded)