local immigrant community, economics homework help

Pick a local immigrant community (I suggest: Armenian, Belorussian, Georgian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Korean, Bangladeshi, etc.). Study local area statistics. Learn history of immigration. Present your findings.


Pick at least four new ideas/concepts/models from the assigned reading, briefly introduce the concepts, and connect them to the topic you study.

  • Do not summarize research and publications on this topic. Use economic models you learned in class and prepare your original economic analysis. Use positive economic statements.
  • Clearly discuss all economic models and concepts, highlight the concepts and models. Imagine, you need to present this topic to someone who is not familiar with the Principles of Economics.
  • Identify at least two additional sources and explain how they help understand the problem. Cite the courses. Use credible sources of information.

I have attached the file for the book so you can see what type of terms you would like to talk about. Obviously you wont need to read the entire chapter.