Long-Term Care Reimbursement

The federal and state government are the largest payers of health care services in the United States.  The largest federal programs are the Medicare and Medicaid services.Using the information from the textbooks, lectures, and internet resources, provide a brief summary of Medicare and Medicaid services in a 3 to 4 page microsoft word document. To get up-to-dat information on the programs, review the information shard on the following websites:The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services http://www.cms.govThe Social Security Adminstration http://www.ssa.govIn your summary, include the following points:An overview of the different Medicare and Medicaid servicesThe population covered under Medicare and Medicaid servicesThe services of long-term care covered under Medicare and Medicaid, including the restrictions placed on themSupport your responses with examplesCite any sources in APA formatTimed Roman 12, double spaced, no plagrism