Loss Of Innocence & Barn Burning English Comparison Essay

You are comparing and contrasting the “loss of innocence” experienced by the protagonists ‘Barn Burning”.

Additionally, you must focus your attention on specific literary elements ( Manipulation, Family, Loss Innocence) of each rather than summarizing the stories. Remember, your reader (the Professor!) knows these stories so I’m NOT asking you to retell the story. I will get bored.

I highly recommend you pre-write, and I will look more kindly upon student work if I’m given handwritten evidence of prewriting in the form of an outline, a cluster map, or any other recognized form of pre-writing. please provide me HAND WRITING OUTLINE. so I can copy that on paper with my hand writing.

Requirements include: no fewer than two full double-spaced pages of student writing, formatted properly using MLA style citations and a works-cited page.

I attached 2 PDFS. the story and all the instructions.