Managers  use tools like the Break-Even Analysis in both the planning and  controlling functions of Management. In this assignment, you’ll practice  using the Break-Even formula to help Ryan determine when his business  will begin to turn a profit.


Using the information from the Learning Module 2, calculate the  break-even point in each of the scenarios.  Provide a response to the  questions in the conclusion.  Be sure to use either Word or Excel and to show your work.

Scenario 1

After receiving bad service at the local car wash, Ryan has decided  to start VDB Detailing!  One of his first decisions when planning his  business – he needs to calculate the number of vehicles he will need to  detail before breaking even.  His uncle has offered to let him use a  small section of his shop for only $300 per month. Ryan is going to pay  his friend, Gabe, $10/hour to help him. He has estimated his additional  expenses and other details to be the following:

  • Insurance $200/month
  • His share of monthly utilities $95
  • Wax $2.00
  • Towels, soap, and other supplies $3.50/vehicle
  • Leasing of equipment $100/month
  • Marketing $105/month budgeted
  • He estimates that it will take him 4 hours to detail a vehicle if he  has help from his friend (Hint: how much is this total per car?).
  • He plans to charge $120 per vehicle.

Question #1 – How many vehicles does Ryan need to detail each month to break even?

Scenario 2

Ryan is now considering leaving his full-time job to grow his business but does not want to lose his salary.

Question #2 – If he decides to pay himself $2000 per month how many  cars does he have to detail in a month now to break even? Assume all  other figures remain constant from scenario 1.


Are these numbers attainable? Please explain. List two suggestions  you could give Ryan that would affect his break even point in a  favorable manner, using the Break-Even Formula to justify them.

Responses copied from an internet source, out of the text, or  from homework sites earn no credit, as they are a violation of College  Academic Integrity Policy. 

File formats accepted for this assignment are .doc, .docx, xls,  .xlsx, or .pdf only.  Be sure to verify your submission has been  uploaded!