This week’s Assignment consists of reading a scenario about Sandwich Blitz, Inc. and writing about how self-managed teams could be used at Sandwich Blitz to allow Dalman more time to devote to growing the business.

Lately, Dalman has mostly been visiting the operating locations and addressing manager operations concerns. Lei has concentrated on financial matters. Both Dalman and Lei are pleased with Sandwich Blitz’s past performance but feel that they are each unable to devote their time and energy to take the business to the next level. All of their time seems to be spent addressing small problems within the existing operation. Dalman has heard that other businesses have successfully used a team approach to managing with good results and wonders if this could help him as well as the location managers.

After reading the scenario above, the section on “Self-managed Teams” in your assigned textbook readings and completing the practice Learning Activities, type a paper in which you explain the difference between traditional and team work environments, how self-managed teams could be successfully implemented at Sandwich Blitz, and how these teams could contribute to Sandwich Blitz’s success.

This Assignment addresses the following unit outcomes:

● Distinguish between traditional versus team environments.

● Describe how teams contribute to an organization’s effectiveness.

● Explain how an effective team is built.

Submission Instructions:

Draft your Assignment paper at least 2 full double-spaced pages in length, using size 12 point font in MS Word format. Be sure your paper is well written in paragraph form, with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.