Review the state-of-the-art materials on environmental value assessment given under course materials for this session.  Visit your local supermarket to see the uniqueness of Chobani products.   Then, answer the following in 150 words each, plus 75 words comment:

a) Business ecosystem value assessment: Analyze Chobani’s approach to its value ecosystem using (1) SHEENY framework, and (2) GUIDER framework.  Is SHEENY  a source of threat for Chobani or a source of opportunity?   Is GUIDER a source of weakness for Chobani or a source of strength?   What, if anything, is unique about Chobani’s approach to value ecosystem and its impact on its SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)?

b) Organizational Stakeholder value assessment:  Analyze Chobani’s approach to assessing the (1) influence power of its diverse stakeholders, (2) threat from the most powerful stakeholders?   What, if anything, is unique about Chobani’s approach to managing its stakeholder influence, and the risks influential stakeholders impose on the sustainability of a firm’s capability?    

c) Rapid technological value assessment: Analyze Chobani’s approach to assessing the (1) investment value of its technology, (2) opportunity for upgrading the capability value of its technology.  What, if anything, is unique about Chobani’s approach to rapid technology, and its impact on its capability to be at the leading edge of the technology?     

Include your citations in APA format.   Also, critically comment on the analysis of a peer student in about 75 words.

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