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I have an assignment but not completed. So I need some help to completed ,

my teacher added some points and most added in the assignment. The points below



Well done for completing a draft. There are some interesting parts on power in organisations, but I’m afraid the assignment isn’t addressing the question.

Look again at the assignment brief:

Assignment Brief

A.Identify from your research and academic theory, two of the paired topic areas from the module that apply to an organisations effectiveness.

You must cover:

1.Work groups and teams

And either (not both):

a)Power and Politics or

b)Conflict and Negotiation

B.Using your organisation or one that you are familiar with as a case study, analyse and critically discuss the impact that your topic areas may have on the culture of the organisation.

There are three parts to it 1. Work groups and teams and why they are important to an organisation’s effectiveness must be covered, then 2. Power and politics and why an understanding of them are important for an organisations effectiveness and finally 3. A case study (your own organization). How do work groups and teams and power and politics effect the culture of your organization?

At the moment, you have only written a rather general essay about power. It is essential that all aspects of the brief are covered. Have another look at my assignment advice on NILE. The writing style is fine, but needs to cover all parts.

Kind Regards


Dr. Timothy Campbell

Managing Director

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