Management Challenges and Concerns Report

Write a paper of 350 word or more about an HR Challenge that one organization is experiencing.  You may write about an organization with which you are familiar (for example the company you work for) or you may research any organization.

You must identify and describe the one HR challenge that YOUR selected organization is dealing with. Be sure to write about the specific HR Challenge in your selected organization and do not write broadly about HR challenges, which are common among many organizations. (Use one of the following HR challenges for this paper: employee turnover, employee retention, employee morale, recruiting qualified staff, benefit costs, employee conduct, employee competency, difficulty to provide competitive wages with a limited budget, employee productivity.)

Additionally, you must describe the reasons for the challenge or the contributing factors to the challenge. For example, if your challenge is employee morale, you must explain what is causing or contributing to the low morale in your organization.

Finally, you must discuss some potential solutions or resolutions to address the challenge.

 Write all sections in 1st or 3rd person. Be consistent.(See Writing Tips posted in Main Forum on how to write in 3rd person). Organize your paper as follows and use paragraph breaks and transition sentences:

DO NOT include and introduction, abstract or conclusion

  • Write one paragraph identifying and describing one of the above listed HR challenges in your selected organization. (Do not write broadly about all organizations.) Start off with a clear identification of your first challenge. Keep it simple and clear. For example: Employee retention is a significant challenge for the HR and management team of Company x) 
  • Write one paragraph describing he reasons for the  HR challenge in your ogranziation. 
  • Write one paragraph discussing and explaining your plan for addressing the challenge. 

Do not mix these 3 sections together; be sure to keep them separate.  

Use References: from Mello’s Strategic Human Resource Management book (Hint Chapter 2 may be helpful) and from at least 1 article on HRM responsibilities and/or challenges.   Make sure no more than 15% of your paper relies upon research/non-original work. 

Cite your references. If you used an electronic source, include the link. Make sure you use in-text citations in the body of the paper to identify any work that relies upon information from another source. 

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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