Management Journal

5- What competitive advantage in the workplace do you possess that provides value for current and future employers? How can you fortify this advantage in support of your career growth and movement?Minimum 200 words.6- What does the term patching refer to, especially when thinking about how this might guide you as a manager to build value in your business operation?Minimum 200 words.7- Take on the role of one of Yahoo!’s stockholders. What is your evaluation of this very attractive offer from the company to Ms. Bartz? Is this very favorable package fair to Ms. Bartz, the company, and stockholders? Why/why not?Minimum 200 words.8- Organizations, leadership, and culture are very popular topics in the business world. Think of a Fortune company that operated like a 20th Century company and has adopted a structure that supports 21st Century characteristics (Pearce & Robinson, 2011, p. 324). What similarities have remained? What differences have emerged?Minimum 200 words.9- Continuous improvement has been a very popular initiative and process for corporations especially since the 1980s. You might be familiar with the term Continuous Improvement Management (CIM). How does an initiative like CIM prepare an organization to serve the global community and a great way to develop incremental innovation?Minimum 200 words.