Management Kaplan Univeristy

For this project, you have two parts to complete. In a five to six page paper, address the following areas:

The first part involves discussing the daily operations of your particular business.

  • If you are in a production environment, please provide detailed instructions on how you plan to manufacture your product.

  • If you are a service-based business, please explain the business flow of how you plan to service your client base.

  • Analyze organizational processes and procedures in a variety of business settings.

For the second part, suppose that you are either using offshore manufacturing or have outsourced services to another country.

  • Please evaluate how economics, the government, and laws could affect value creation from a global context.

Assignment checklist

  1. Evaluate the impact of economics and the government on business operations.

  2. Predict the impact of laws on business operations.

  3. Assess how business operations can affect value creation in the global context.

capstone unit 2.pdf

Follow Rubric APA format and cite all references