Management Paper

Research Paper : Virtual and Global Teams Case Studies

Virtual and global teams are becoming commonplace in many companies due to a multitude of factors. Your assignment is to research more about Virtual and/or Global Project Teams and write a research paper that details your findings.

The research paper must address, at a minimum, the following topics:

  • Prevalence of virtual teams and global teams in industry today
  • Theoretical reasons for the prevalence of these types of teams
  • The challenges posed by these types of teams
  • Discuss various tools used by virtual teams
  • Work with some (or all) of these tools as a team, categorize them and discuss them in detail
  • (Note: You will have to show me the uses of these tools in your team presentation).
  • Additionally, research at least one company or project that is using a virtual and/or global team approach and discuss their experiences, both positive and negative. This research can be done by researching published data or by interviewing others. *Note: I would prefer that you conduct and report on at least one interview.

This is whole assignment, but I JUST need finish first part ‘Prevalence of virtual teams and global teams in industry today’ and introduction for this assignment.

please write correct APA style, 2-3 page, and need one or two reference.