Management paper

I need a minimum of a 15 page research paper in length(the total does not include Cover Page, Abstract, and Reference Page(s)) paper on how deferred maintenance is a public management issue in today’s society.

Paper should discuss:

  • how deferred maintenance is an issue for the federal, state and local (city) governments with reasons why.
  • Paper should also discuss how governments got into the predicament that they are in now due to maintenance being deferred due to budget cuts, etc during the recession.
  • Paper needs to discuss the impact of deferred maintenance
  • . Paper also needs to discuss how government workers at the federal, state and local levels can solve/correct the issues that have occurred with deferred maintenance.

Paper must have at least 6 bibliographic references which must be from peer reviewed sources. References are listed at the end of the paper and should follow the APA Style Manual.