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Answer the following questions and also the 3 questions on page 22 of the attached Ch. PDF, in the Ethics in Practice Case “When to repent and when to defend?” You should recognize that your answers to these discussion questions should be well reasoned and supported with evidence. Make certain that you use chapter material and theory as the basis for your answers. No outside material. All work must be original as this will be submitted through Turnitin. No plagiarism. DUE SUNDAY 10/16 BY 8PM PST

1. Which of the major stages in the issue management process do you think is the most important? Why?

2. Following the approach indicated in Figure 6-1, identify a new issue category not listed in Figure 6-1. Identify several examples of “crises” that have occurred in recent years under each issue category.

3. Identify one example, other than those listed in Figure 6-4, of each of the leading force categories: events, authorities/advocates, literature, organizations, and political jurisdictions.

4. Identify a crisis that has occurred in your life or in the life of someone you know, and briefly explain it in terms of the four crisis stages: prodromal, acute, chronic, and resolution.