Managing Human Resources, business and finance homework help

Select only one of the three essay questions provided at the end of the two articles presented below. Each question is related to one of the articles titled as “Talent programmes can lead to arrogant staff” and “Age-related bias still unmonitored in recruitment”. You are expected to answer the questions by following the issues raised in the articles. You should create your own solution and suggestions for the question you select to answer. You are not expected to conduct additional search to find more on the company/people covered in the article. However, you should aim to search the academic literature to answer the question. Searching the academic literature will help you to develop creative and feasible solutions to the problem at hand.

General Assessment Criteria:

  • Demonstrate clearly that you understand the key issues in the question.
  • Demonstrate grasp of relevant concepts and issues.
  • Ensure you adopt a critical approach to your own work and the work of others; Application of theories, concepts and models properly. Logic and relevance of conclusions and recommendations.
  • Creativity in your assessment of and suggestions.
  • Breadth of relevant readings and out of class references.
  • Presentation of report: structure, formatting, clarity of writing, referencing and bibliography.

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