Managing Social Media Communication in Business

The topic you choose should be directly related to the degree that you are earning. (The degree that I am getting is Bachelors in Business Management).

This essay should follow these requirements :

Use proper APA format (cover page, abstract, body, and reference page). We will use the 6th edition only.

Must be 2000-2500 words. (This includes the ABSTRACT (200-225 words) and the BODY (1800-2275 words.)

Use Times New Roman font (12 point).

Use integrated short burst quotes in the body of your own sentences. Use minimal paraphrasing and signal phrases. No block quotes should be used.

Sources should be obtained from eLibrary databases. They should consist of articles from scholarly journals dated within the last ten years. Other sources may be approved as long as they are scholarly and provided you check with the instructor first.



(1) Your specific topic.

(2) A brief abstract (about 100-125 words). Explain what you specifically will argue. State this in third person only. You should have an easily identifiable thesis and three support elements in the abstract.

(3) A thesis and three possible support elements to the problem that can be explored through research.

(4) Location and Types of resources

(5) Challenges to the research (50-75 words).


(1) Create the topic outline using all of your supporting elements. You have already created a proposal, so you simply extract the main elements (thesis and supporting elements) from that assignment and format them into a topic outline.

(2) Expand the succinct phrases from the topic outline into complete sentences to format the Sentence Outline. You should use the same thesis statement as in the topic outline and create complete sentences for each supporting element. NOTE* Remember—the sentences you create in the sentence outline should be topic sentences (sub-thesis statements). The topic sentences will be used to begin the paragraphs and the sentences that follow should support what the topic sentences state.

(3) In the paragraph outline, use the same thesis statement as before, then expand the sentences into paragraphs of 5-6 sentences. Detail is especially important in this assignment. Note that the first sentence of each paragraph is extracted from the sentence outline.

Three:Annotated Bibliography

To prepare for writing your paper, you will seek out five scholarly sources and create an annotated bibliography. (Your research paper should only have 7-9 references.) Each entry should consist of the APA formatted reference and the annotation of 150-175 words. Also, read the text in that example for leading questions designed to help you write the Annotated Bibliography. However, in basic terms, you need to provide the following in your entry:

Bibliographic entry formatted in PROPER APA format.

A summary of the source in your own words, which will comprise about two-thirds of the narrative portion.

One or two sentences regarding how the source is credible. Be specific.

One sentence that indicates how you intend to use the source in your research.

The assignment will need to be formatted as indicated in the example and you will need to include the bibliographic entry formatted in APA format, a summary of the source, your assessment (in third person) of the source, and reflection (in third person) of how the source will support or argue for your topic, or perhaps how it might be used in opposition to your argument in order to offer other considerations:


You must have one book but NO MORE than one book. Other sources can come from the library, eLibrary databases, scholarly journals and magazines,, or Google Scholar.

An example of Annotated bibliography is found here

(Examples of each are attached below)