Marketing plan opportunity , marketing homework help

To stay on track and have a quality marketing plan completed on time, these tasks should be completed this week:

  1. Choose one of the opportunities from your list so that the marketing plan becomes focused. Factors to consider when making the choice include how quickly you can get to market, how big the potential market could be (Ch. 3) and how interested consumers will be in the new product, service or event (Ch. 4). Submit one paragraph describing this opportunity to me for my approval prior to continuing with your marketing plan.
  2. Segment the market using the concepts you learned last week (Ch. 9) and select one or more segments to target. Make sure you can articulate the needs of this market segment. (No submission necessary)

Im giving my essay about my two key growth opportunities for the firm on which I am writing a marketing plan. So you can see that what is my firm and opportunities.