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  • Though in our country we are protected by the right to speech, this is not the case in a majority of the world. Peoples views are either obscured, or they will be punished. As part of people’s views, religion is one of the main reasons of persecution. These places it may not be considered acceptable to have a direct picture of any religious icon, but these people are still marketed products.

As part of this next assignment, I want you to find a picture which makes you think of religion, but not directly. After finding and attaching your picture, I want you to describe in 2-3 pages (not including the picture) why do you think your picture can be related to religion? Why does it make you think of religion? Do you think that your picture can be used on marketing or branding? 

Pictures of Nuns, Buda, Cross, Doves, Etc. are not acceptable. You cannot select anything that it is obvious related to religion. I want you to use your creativity!