Matrix due 2/1/18! Help me please!

Topic for Literature Review Matrix: Evidence based practice relating to articles about skin to skin contact for newbornsReview Matrix:  Search for articles that address the clinical problem, the quality and cost issues, and the various evidence-based solutions. Use any scholarly database. You must specify search methods AND key words used.Log of Search Strategies:  To stay organized, one keeps a record of search strategies.  This is thesole purposeof a log of search strategies- so we can see which terms are most effective and record where we have looked/not looked. This is an important piece of a literature review. Both the log and the matrix are submitted to the dropbox for an individual grade.Each student will find 6 appropriate articles. To receive full credit, you must submit aPDF version of the articleswith your final matrix and search strategy log.Grading rubric for Literature Review Matrix6 peer-reviewed journal articles or clinical practice guidelines fromprofessional organizations• relating to the assigned topic• saved in the requested format• posted to dropbox by the posted deadline[5 points each article] Without this step, the assignment will not be graded.30 pointsSummary of author credibility, references, and critique[2.5 points for each article]15 points/Summary of key points of article• type of article• methods and setting• findings• limitations• clinical significance[5 points for each article]30 pointsReferences in correct APA format 10 pointsLog of search strategies• searches narrowed by terms and dates• variety of databases used15 pointsTotal 100points