Media 101 Media Violence and Children’s Aggressive or Violent Behavior

this short essay is very broad but it needs to be about a question about media that science can answer. an example is “Does violence in media strike aggression or violent behavior in children?” this example can be used or u can find a different question. there is a reading about media that will help what i will attach at the bottom. there also needs to be a primary, scientific source that provides evidence that speaks to your question.

needs to be 3 paragraphs and a citation at the end

in the first paragraph provide a brief background in which you discuss how you came to this question and clearly state the question itself

in the second paragraph read the article you found, and in your essay, briefly recap the study and, most importantly, discuss the conclusions you take away from the study as they relate to the question you’ve asked. be sure to provide a full citation of your source on a reference page by using MLA format.

in the third paragraph Think about how your original question has changed in light of the evidence you collected