medical coding

When you begin working as a medical biller or coder, you may be required to use HCPCS Level II codes. With that in mind, consider the following questions and provide the answers to each.1.  What is the difference between HCPCS Level I and HCPCS Level II?2.  As a new medical coder, apply your knowledge of HCPCS Level II to the following questions:a.  What is HCPCS Level II?b.  Who developed and routinely maintains HCPCS Level II?c.  Describe HCPCS Level II code structure.d.  How is this code set used?3.  UsingHCPCS Codes Lookup, code the following:a.  Wooden crutches, adjustable, with pads, tips and handgripsb.  Walker folding, adjustable or fixed with tipc.  Hospital bed, variable height, hi-low, siderails, with mattressd.  Static finger splinte.  Diagnostic colonoscopyf.  Ambulance basic life support, emergency