MGT-312 – Leveraging Organizational Behavior and Management

I have a power point presentation that requires 3 slides for my MGT 312 class.

Imagine that your team is a group of experts in the principles of business organization and management. You have been invited to present at a conference held for some of the top executives at Fortune 500 companies. Your assigned topic is Leveraging Organizational Behavior and Management to Maximize Business Success.

Our chosen company is Whole foods

My portion of the power point is Organization Power section:

  • Organizational power 

    • Describe the influence of power and politics within your selected organization.

    • Describe the types of power in your organization
    • Explain who in the chosen department holds the real power and why?
My only part is the last bullet point in red. 

Support your presentation with the concepts discussed in class and in the text, and your personal experiences.

Include the speaker notes to explain the key points in your presentation.

Include citations.