Week 1.2 Discussion


The economic principle of self-interest says individuals do not intentionally make decisions that would leave themselves worse off.  What would you do if you were in a job you hated – you disliked the company, its policies, work and long hours.  But it pays very well. You are offered your dream job doing work that benefits the community.  But it means a 40% pay cut.  What would you do and why?


Week 2.1 Discussion


Find a recent (within the last 6 months) article or economic blog related to supply and demand issues. In 200 – 300 words provide an executive summary of key points and your assessment of the information.  Include an APA reference and/or web link.  To earn full credit

Week 2.2 Discussion


To what extent does the price of gas impact market demand for hybrid and electric cars?  How would gasoline price impact your decision to purchase a car or truck?  What factors (economic and non-economic) would lead you to (or not to) purchase a hybrid or electric car?  Be specific

Week 3.1 Discussion


Social Security is an insurance program in which current worker contribute with the promise of receiving monthly income when they retire. But today Social Security is in trouble.  What are the key economic issues contributing to this problem?  Be specific and support your response with a reliable source.  To earn full credit


Week 4.1 Discussion


Find a recent (within the last 6 months) article or economic blog on price elasticity of demand, and briefly summarize the information. Why is understanding elasticity of demand important to microeconomics? Include an APA reference and/or web link. To earn full credit


Week 4.2 Discussion


Why are credit cards replacing cash?  Identify one benefit and one drawback of using credit credits to satisfy consumer wants and needs?  Identify one action consumers can take to prevent the accumulation of too much debt. To earn full credit, you cannot duplicate information that has already been posted