Microsoft access Lab Assignment, powerpoint homework help

CIS 111 MS Access Lab Assignment

Due: 05/12/17

Your company has been hired by an automobile dealership to develop a database to track the vehicle inventory. This business is a Ford and Volvo dealership so the inventory consists of new Fords and Volvos along will all makes and models of used vehicles. Since the dealership uses Microsoft products you are required to complete this project using MS Access. The following are the details that must be considered in your database design and implementation.

Design a Table with the following fields:

 Year

 Make

 Model

 Color

 Style (2 door, 4 door, Hatchback, SUV, Convertible)

 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN 12 digit alphanumeric field)

 Date Received on Lot

 New (Y or N, default to Y)

 Dealer Price. (Dealer price for new cars or Trade in value for used cars)

 Manufactures Suggested Retail Price. (MSRP or Sticker Price)

 Rebate Available (Y or N default to N)

 Rebate Amount.

NOTE: Ensure that you use the right data type and size for the table field design.

Design a user-friendly form to allow easy data entry because you have to use this form to enter 35 records into your database.

Design queries for the following:

 List all fields for all entries sorted by Year.

 List all fields where the vehicle is new sorted by year and make.

 List Year, Make, Model, Style and Dealer Price were Dealer Price > $28,000.00 sorted by price

 List Year, Make, Model, Style and Dealer Price were Dealer Price < $28,000.00 sorted by price

 List all fields for all Fords new and used sorted by year and model.

 List Year, Make, Model and rebate amount sorted by year for cars that have rebate deals.

Design a report with titles, shading and formatting for each query listed above. Make sure data in columns are aligned directly under the heading. Watch the formatting; points will be deducted if all data in the reports is not readable.