Module 2 Critical Thinking Discussion

One of the best ways to practice identifying inductive and deductive reasoning is to look at real examples of arguments. . I’m going to provide a summary of the argument for you to simplify the discussion, but I encourage you to read the article :The Return of the Burqa in Afghanistan through the article and then explain whether you think the argument employs inductive or deductive reasoning and why you think so. ¬†write a 200-300 word responseScott Simon, the author, makes the following argument.1) Wearing a burqa makes a woman anonymous.2) Many people in Afghanistan want to see women in public without burqas.3) The Taliban has decreed that women in Afghanistan must always be covered from head to toe while in public.4) The Taliban has also closed closed schools for girls and decreed that women must be accompanied by male guardians.5) Therefore, the Taliban is returning Afghanistan to a past in which women have no role in public life.