Monroe’s Motivated Sequence: Ted Talks Analysis

Analyzing TED Talk Speeches (do 5 speeches at 20 points per) – Choose any Informative or Persuasive TED or TEDx Talk speech. (No credit will be given for performances or other types of talks.) Watch the speech and analyze it using all the criteria for evaluating a persuasive or informative speech (use the appropriate rubric from your class handbook).

Score each speech, by giving it a numerical score for each criteria on the appropriate rubric, and writing at least one sentence per line item, describing why you gave the score you did. At the end of your paper, give the overall speech a grade based on the criteria you used for the evaluation and write a decently developed paragraph summing up the strengths and weaknesses of the speech.

A well-done speech evaluation is worth up to 20 points. Poorly done evaluations, or those missing evaluation criteria will lose points, and may even receive a zero. (Maximum value = 100 points.)

I have added the rubric below to use to know what to analyze. I have also added a PowerPoint that you will need follow the steps by.