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Advertising should be for both creating meaning and making money for a company. Advertising should not only inspire and curate potential consumers for a company but showcase the overall values and mission of a company. A company has to make sure that their channels of communication are clear and direct so that customer have the same interpretations. It can be tricky to insure that customers view your companies is the way that you want to be perceived despite their possible preconceived notions prior to truly understanding the company but thats where effective communication comes into play. Creativity can definitely be taught. Some people are not born creative so they can observe creative styles and learn how to implement them in the real world. 

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1. There are many different types of advertisements. Some are made to create awareness about a certain topic, some are made to inform new customers of a product, and some are made just for brand recognition. Different Advertisements serve different purposes and have different goals. Advertisements that are made to bring awareness to a topic such as animal cruelty or world hunger shouldn’t be made with the goal of making money for a company. An advertisement for a new pair of shoes should simply serve the purpose of making money for the company.

2. Companies should always do trials of their advertisements to groups of their target market before releasing any type of advertisements. Many times we see companies release advertisements and really rub customers the wrong way, and with testing on your market you can take away that worry of doing something wrong and having it go unnoticed. 

3. Creativity can definitely be taught. If someone is always around creative minds then they will learn to start thinking and looking at things differently

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1. Advertising should create meaning and generate revenue. If your ads have no meaning then potential customers will not understand it and will not agree with it. For example the anti smoking commercials that show people with various handicaps caused from smoking have meaning. Thats why people that watch them understand and either donate to the cause or just vow to themselves not to smoke. Also commercials like the gatorade commercial where the athletes have their younger selves motivating them has a meaning but also generates sales. People look at that commercial and remember when they used to love their sport more than anything else in the world. Resulting in them buying gatorade over the competitors sport drink because it took them back to that great feeling.

2. One can ensure that their advertisements meaning is in sync with customers interpretation by looking into the responses and feedback on their ads. We live in a generation where everyone expresses themselves on social media and if they don’t like something or feel like its offensive your brand will know very quickly.

3. According to Sir Ken Robison creativity can be taught. It just has to be done in a specific way. I believe that as well because people learn over time how to be creative with certain things. Once you do something enough times you learn how people think and what they like therefore teaching you creativity.

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