Motivational Strategies

Motivational Strategies PaperIn Module 2 you will write a paper exploring the relationship between motivational strategies and foundational organizational elements including values, mission, and vision. Remember to focus on the same organization that you have chosen for the course project while preparing this paper. You will submit this draft for peer and faculty critiques at Module 3 Assignment 2. Include the following information in your paper:Present your organization’s values, mission, and vision. In cases where one or more of these elements are not officially documented, include your observations of the undocumented elements based on official company correspondence and actions. Cite this evidence in your paper.Also present your organization’s strategy for motivation. In contrast to values, mission, and vision, it is rare for an organization to have a documented motivational strategy. Present your observations of organizational strategy as found in multiple sources such as official documents, policies, interviews with managers and leaders, and other sources as needed. Include evidence of the determined motivational strategy in your paper.Explain how the relationship between motivational strategies and foundational organizational elements such as values, mission, and vision assist in the accomplishment of your organization’s objectives. Present a detailed explanation of this relationship or lack thereof. Based on the motivational literature, include specific recommendations for improvement of the organization’s motivational strategies along with explanations for your recommendations.Discuss how your organization’s motivational strategies are consistent with one or more of the motivational theories present in the motivational literature. Provide rationale and examples to support your opinion.Note: The organization chosen as the subject for this paper should be the same organization chosen for the final course project.