movie discussion – 250 words

To answer these questions, you will need to watch the film Gone Baby Gone.
1. List at least five stereotypes in the film.
2. Through most of the film, the main character and we as viewers are automatically assuming one specific truth. What is that truth?
3. In the night scene at the canyon quarry, the main character and his girlfriend make an assumption based upon what they think they have seen. What is that assumption? Is it based more upon fact or perception?
4. What is the girlfriend’s response to that assumption?
5. The influence of authority figures upon both the main character and us plays a big role in influencing our initial assumptions we’ve derived from our own perceptions of the events we witness in the first ¾ of the film. Explain how authority influences our assumptions in this film.
6. Toward the end of the film, after the police officer is shot, he states that he has always loved children. Before you watched the conclusion of the film, explain whether you felt this was an example of denotation (take him at his word) or connotation (words to be interpreted to mean something else).
7. Does your answer to #6 change after you’ve seen the conclusion to the film?
8. The story presents an argument; one that has a huge impact upon the police chief, the main character, his girlfriend, and the young girl. What argument does the story present, and what do you think is its conclusion?
9. What premise(s) does the film use to support its argument?