Multinational Business Questions Write clear and concise answers, Business & Finance Assignment Homework Help

Write clear and concise answers and limit your response to 750 words per question.    I’ve attached the textbook and highlighted in bold below the chapter references for each of the questions.  You must include an accurate citation from the book in each answer.  For question 3, a domestic company would be one that is US based.  Finally, this will be submitted through Turnitin so originality is a must.  

1) Choose a technology, and using the concepts related to the changing nature of innovation and how knowledge is increasingly dispersed in Chapter 1 and Appendices One and Two of Managing Global Innovation (Doz and Wilson, 2012), describe how global innovation is changing for this particular technology.

2) Choose a new international market for a company and discuss the pros and cons of using attracting, foraying, and experiencing from Chapter 2 of Managing Global Innovation (Doz and Wilson, 2012) to enter this new market for this particular company.

3) Choose a domestic company (one that has yet to expand globally) and combine the locational approaches of substitution, complementarity, and discovery from Chapter 3 ofManaging Global Innovation (Doz and Wilson, 2012) to propose a multinational business structure and approach for this particular company.

4) Choose a multinational business project (for example, new product development, a production location decision, a new market entry, etc.), and propose how you would address the challenges highlighted in Chapter 4 of Managing Global Innovation (Doz and Wilson, 2012) (lack of receptivity, inadequate connections, multiple different contexts, transferring and integrating complex knowledge) with the approaches for improving receptivity and communication described in Chapter 5 of Managing Global Innovation (Doz and Wilson, 2012).