Must be completed in 11 hours or less

Summaries 3 sources that I will provide, which could be a page and a half long. Then write a detailed 2-3 page Method based on the three sources. (this is a section of a proposal) This needs to have a scale.Online for the method:Method: Explain how you are going to do the project. Include the following sectionsParticipants and procedure: Who are the (expected) participants? How many? Are they part of a special population? (In-patient, residential, part of an alternative school, victims of the WTC attack, carrying a diagnosis of X). How will they be recruited? Are you using a survey methodology? In-person interviewing? If you are proposing an experiment (e.g., randomized clinical intervention), you must describe the procedures (e.g., manipulation, etc.) in detail (this can be separated out into a separate section)Measures: List your measures with an adequate description including: (1) the source, (2) what it is purported to assess, (3) example items and response scale, (4) evidence of reliability and validity.