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The Effects of Drugs on a Man’s Reproductive SystemThere has been a lot of research on how teratogens cause genetic and congenital birth defects in babies. What are Teratogens?  They are anything that will interfere with the growth or development of a fetus. You will find article after article about the effects of women smoking, taking drugs, and drinking alcohol on developing babies.  But what happens if a man smokes, takes drugs, or drinks alcohol?  Can this harm a developing fetus?Directions:Write at least 200 words on this topic.Save and name your assignment “Week 1 Research Assignment”, then save on your computer.  This document will then be uploaded by clicking on “Browse my Computer”.Your response should contain at least one APA style in-text citation. A word count is required.Tips:Read pages 59- 64 from Chapter 2.Check out these websites: