My major software management/security and criminal justice , communications homework help

Q1: (one to two paragraphs)

My major software management/security and criminal justice as minor,my name you can put any.So below are what you are suppose to explain.As you know i’m not environmental student,but i’m learning through this class.What do you know about environment or expect to learn in this class is that,I will gain knowledge in fostering exchange and cooperation on environmental and climate change-related challenges in order to promote sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems and integrate sustainable development policies at national and local level.,,but I will learn new things in this class.Course that I have taken so far is almost 90.Career goal is to work for cyber security.I have been doing online classes since 2015.

Thanks hope I have given you enough hint.Go ahead and do good work.Environmental change and sustainability is the class i’m IN OR TAKING now and this is introduction and below is what prof want us to write:

Environmental Change and Sustainability

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Hello, NSCI 362!

When you’re finished reading this message, do notReply” to it. Instead, click on Start a New Thread at the bottom of your screen. Use a creative Title heading to introduce yourself. Then scroll down to the textbox and write your introduction, which should include the following:


Geographic location:

Career/Degree Goal:


Online education experience (how many courses, etc.):

What you hope to get from this course:

What prior environmental experience you hope to use:

If you are inclined to share, any other fun info:

Q2:(one to two paragraphs)

What is digital forensics, how does it related to the criminal justice system, and why should a non-criminal justice major take this course?

  • Provide at least one example of how being familiar with and following digital forensic best practices, AND criminal justice standards would benefit you, even if you worked in a non-criminal justice digital forensics position.

Q3: (three sentences each question)

Please read the instructions for assignments carefully and take the time to review your work.

And perhaps most importantly, show all of your work and/or fully explain your answers. It is difficult to provide partial credit without this included. Remember, all work should be original and in your own words and/or your sources should be properly cited.

Complete the following short answer questions:

1. How are the ephemeral port numbers generated and why are they called ephemeral?

2. In
HTTP response headers, what is the syntax of most lines (which are header fields)?

3. How would
TCP handle the problem if an acknowledgment was lost so that the sender retransmitted the unacknowledged
TCP segment, therefore causing the receiving transport process to receive the same segment twice?

4. You need to represent 2,049 different street names. How many bits will this take if you give each street a different binary number?


a) What will be the value in the destination port number field if a packet arrives for the e-mail application?

b) When the
HTTP program sends an
HTTP response message to a client
PC, in what field of what message will it place the value 80?

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